Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t trust independent online sellers. How do I trust you?
    • Jaipur Gem is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lunawat Gems Corporation (LGC). LGC has been one of the leading names in Gemstone exports in Jaipur since 1972. We are proud members of reputed organizations such as Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC). You may find us in their membership list. This guarantees our authenticity as a reputed and easily accessible organization.
    • If you have any doubts we are just a phone call away during our business hours. We will be happy to resolve any issues that you may have.
  2. Is my personal information safe with you?
    • We will not provide your personal information to any 3rd Party in any circumstances unless legally forced to do so.
  3. Is it possible to visit your Office in Jaipur?
    • Yes, you just need to book an appointment by call or e-mail.
  4. Which courier service do you use to deliver orders to your customers?
    • We can deliver International order through UPS, FedEx, EMS, Speed Post, Airmail Post Parcel, Air Freight, Sea Freight Etc. as per your instructions.
    • Please note that there may a difference in price and delivery time for each service.
  5. Which countries can you deliver your products to?
    • We ship to every country where it is legally possible to export Gemstones.
  6. Why is international shipping so expensive?
    • We try to keep all the costs as low as possible. However, shipping charges are out of our control. We do give you multiple options too that vary in price but also in delivery times. Apart from that, Gems and Jewellery exports need mandatory insurance since they are considered precious items so that is included in the cost of most shipping options.
  7. When will you send my order?
    • All orders will be dispatched within 3-7 business working days from the date of payment. We will inform you, if and when your order is delayed due to any reason. Please note that weekends and government holidays are not counted as business working days.
  8. How do I track my stones after they are shipped?
    • You will receive the tracking number of the parcel after your order is shipped. You may then visit your chosen carrier’s website and use the tracking number to track your parcel.
  9. What are my payment options? / How can I pay?
    • We accept international payments by PayPal and domestic payments (India Only) by all major credit/debit cards such as Visa, Master Card etc. However, even if you don’t stay in India, PayPal provides an option to pay using your credit/debit card without creating a PayPal Account.
    • You may pay by net banking as well.
    • You may also pay by wire transfer to our bank account. Bank account details will be provided on request.
    • Please contact us if you’re having trouble using any of these methods and we will be happy to assist you.
  10. Is it safe to send my credit card information through the web?
    • Your online transactions are completely safe. In this world so quickly moving towards e-commerce, cyber security is of paramount importance. The information you provide cannot be seen by anybody since it is forwarded through 128-bit SSL server that securely encrypts your card information.
  11. What currency do you use for pricing your products?
    • For Indian customers, we charge in Indian Rupees.
    • For all international customers, we charge in US Dollars.
  12. Why your prices are lower than most of your competitors? Is something wrong?
    • Our mode of operations is such that we are able to provide the benefit of wholesale to retail customers up to a certain extent.
    • Also, we believe in building relationships with our customers. Not overcharging you is our first step towards a healthy business relationship.
  13. Do you provide certification? If yes, which laboratory certifies your gemstones?
    • We do provide certification upon request, which is subject to extra charges. The certificate is provided by Gem Testing Laboratory (GTL) established by GJEPC (Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council).
    • We do not provide this as a complimentary service since most of our stones are semi-precious and they don’t have a price point high enough to cover certification cost.
    • We have 2 GIA Graduate Gemologist as our directors. If you wish, they can provide written assurance for authenticity.
  14. Can I return the gemstones if they’re not in a proper condition and/or are different from what I was promised?
    • Yes, you may return them within 7 days from receipt of the parcel if they are in the same condition as when we dispatched them. 
      For more details on our Returns or Exchanges please visit our Return Policy page.
  15. Where do these stones come from?
    • Most of the gemstones that we work with are mined in Brazil, Africa, India and Sri Lanka. Some stones are easily tracked for their origin by their special characteristics such as Indian Ruby, Brazilian Amethyst, African Amethyst, Ethiopian Opal, etc. However, in the present world the rough stones are mined in so many different countries that one cannot always be certain.
  16. Can we order multiple quantities in a particular gemstone?
    • You can instantly buy only those quantities that are available in stock. Available stock quantities are clearly mentioned in product details.
    • If you want to order more than available stock, you may send us an inquiry through our "Contact Us" from. We will quickly respond to your inquiry and give you a quotation.
  17. How are your gemstone sizes measured?
    • Each product’s description mentions the length and width of the stone in millimeters (MM)
      mm = millimeter, 10mm = 1 centimeter OR 1 inch=25.4mm
    • Some products may mention “Free Size”. It just means that those products have not been calibrated to fit any of the regular sizes. You may still inquire about the approximate size by emailing us at
    • Please not that we operate within a tolerance of I 0.20mm as is accepted widely in this industries.
  18. What is carat?
    • Carat is a unit for measuring weight. All our gemstone weights are provided in this unit of measurement.
    • 5 carats (cts.) = 1 gram (gm)
      1 carat= 1.10 Ratti
  19. Can we order & reserve the stones online, Payment to be sent by cashier’s check?
    • We will hold the gemstones for you upon request. You need to e-mail us the picture of the cashier’s check.
  20. Are your gemstones real or Hydro Composite synthetic/simulated?
    • We sell all Real/Natural as well as synthetic stones, simulated stones, and Doublets. It will always be clearly mentioned in the product description if any of the stones are Synthetic or Simulated.
  21. What are Doublets? Is it okay to use doublets in jewelry?
    • Doublets are composite stones made by sticking together two different stones. All our doublets are clearly marked in the Stone Name and the description. The names of the stones used for making the doublet are also clearly stated.
    • Please note that this technique should not be used to falsely imitate a more expensive single stone but may just be used if you need to achieve a similar look at a lower price point. It should be clearly stated that it is a doublet.
  22. Do doublets ever lose their bond? Do they need special care? Can they come into contact with water?
    • No, doublets cannot be separated after we stick them even if you need them to. They need to be cared for like any other regular gemstone. Contact with water is also okay.