About Us

Jaipurgem.comis an endeavor of Lunawat Gems Corporation in the E-commerce sector, to reach the rapidly growing online market of gemstones globally.

Established in 1972, Lunawat Gems Corporation (popularly known as LGC) has carved out a unique name for itself in the gemstone manufacturing industry.

Over the years we have successfully developed a trusted brand name and diverse customer base. We cater to the needs of not only the big brands in this industry but also budding individuals with the same dedication. As a result, we have maintained a strong trading relationship with gemstone buyers from USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan, Latin America, Thailand & many other countries.

We have well-developed manufacturing units with highly experienced artisans and craftsmen to accomplish our orders and furnish our clients with the best quality products and services. All the gemstones that we sell are cut and polished in our own factories using sophisticated tools and technology that allows us to set and maintain the strictest standards for proportion, polish, size, and shape. We thrive on our constant urge for innovation and thus, play a pioneering role in a lot of developments in this industry.

Our mission is to simplify the tedious task of sourcing gemstones by providing quality products with impeccable customer service.